“Poor quality housing an issue that so many people have personal experience of”

In the first Everything Anything podcast for a while, and in 2015, Sarah Mitchell shares her personal thoughts on the state of the private rented housing sector in the UK.  Sarah’s perspective comes from working in charities, private tenants organisations and experiencing poor quality housing herself.  Sarah also makes the case for how we can all take action to improve this most vital provision.  Thanks Sarah!

A campaign I ran

In 2011, I got involved in supporting Dan Sencier, in a case which revolves around freedom of speech and right to protest.  It also has a wider significance as it plays to the heart of how the state uses citizens’ own money to suppress their opposing views. Here’s what happened.

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Interview with Tom Grogan

I have long been an admirer of The Civility project, which is trying to engender a greater sense of civil discourse and discussion among the citizens and politicians of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

It got me thinking, what could I learn from “our friends in Oshkosh” to help amplify our message on protecting civil liberties in the UK and in 2011, I was delighted I got the chance to chat with Tom Grogan, who is involved in the project, who riffs here (in a personal capacity) about the importance of civility in fighting and winning tough arguments, while respecting the common humanity of those you speak with. Unknown Object Continue reading

Interview with James Baker

In 2010, I was lucky to chat with James Baker about his work and the work of No2ID – which was campaigning against the introduction of identity cards in the UK.  Thought it would be fun to republish this interview as many of the issues still hold true.

James, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed, could you introduce yourself and your organisation?
Hi, I’m James Baker and I’m a political campaigner with a special interest in civil liberties & privacy.  I currently work as the local groups co-ordinator for NO2ID. We are a single-issue group that works to defend privacy and liberty from the rapid growth of the Database State. We are best known for our campaign against “ID Cards” that represented the most visible part of this style of governance.
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Interview with Thomas Beagle

In 2011, I put out a Twitter shout for interviewees. Answering the clarion call was Thomas Beagle, spokesperson for the New Zealand based civil liberties campaigning organisation, Tech Liberty NZ. 

Thomas, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed, I really appreciate it. Here in the UK, one of the biggest stories last year (2010) connecting civil liberties and technology was the arrival of the Digital Economy Act (which allows for the disconnection of alleged music downloaders from the internet without trial). How are the tensions being resolved in New Zealand between online music downloading and copyright? Continue reading

Console Wars by Blake Harris

Over the past few months, I have read far more slowly than ever before.  Blame work, blame becoming a new dad (no drats to that), blame busy-ness – or maybe it is just life getting in the way.

The times when I have sat down to read have been sporadic, short and to be savoured.  It was therefore with some trepidation that I eschewed the Anna Karenina and Rosemary Sutcliffe that have been waiting for my attention and moved to Console Wars by Blake Harris – an account of the apparently epic battle between Sega and Nintendo. Continue reading

“We feed people in our own language”

The Ebola crisis in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia has dominated the media but it is easy to feel as though there is nothing you can do.  In this podcast Memuna Janneh tells the totally awe-inspiring story behind the lunchboxgift.com initiative delivering hot meals to people in hospital and quarantine in Sierra Leone that she set up.

To find out more about the work of this tiny but hugely impactful organisation, follow on Twitter (@lunchboxgift) or visit  lunchboxgift.com